About Us

At Buy2letProperty.com we are advisers and do not advertise by trade. That means that this may not be the catchiest website you have ever seen, and it’s not meant to be, we hope that the site provides a clear and precise guide to the work undertaken by the firm on your behalf.

At our offices in Old Town, Swindon, we provide the full range of “seek & find” services. With over 20 years experience the firm provides high quality and efficient advice to a wide variety of clients in the UK, Balearics, mainland Spain & Poland. Contact us without obligation for advice on your property investment requirements.

Our Advice Philosophy

Property Investment Advice has never been a science – we have always followed a prudent approach & consider always your long term welfare to be paramount. We adhere to a strict code of Ethics & never handle your money. We will ask your opinion & outlook on where you wish to invest. The initial meeting will take you through a detailed Fact Finding process to establish certain key Issues that apply to your situation, whether you wish to arrange finance, release a capital sum, or are preparing to make long term commitments to create wealth in a tax efficient manner, all these subjects will be covered.

In addition we will ask you fundamental questions about the protection of your financial plans. We will also ask about your future aspirations for you and your family, where and when you intend to retire. These and a number of other areas will be discussed to ascertain your financial objectives and most importantly, your attitude to Risk in respect of Property Investment.

We are a quality business, with over 800 clients in Europe, we are dedicated to tailoring individual solutions for clients who are looking for personal service on an ongoing basis. We will create a custom made solution to meet your needs & allow you sufficient flexibility to take account of changes in circumstances. With the objective to create freedom & wealth for you.

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Disclaimer: This website is designed for the information of readers. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, coverage is not necessarily comprehensive. Readers should not act upon it without seeking professional legal advice.