1. What is the investment return / yield?
    In the north, Manchester, Wirral, Stockport, Newcastle, Sunderland approximately 12 – 14% gross.
    In the south west, Swindon, Bristol approximately 10 – 12% gross.
    London, Reading approximately 7 – 8% gross.
  2. How much deposit do I need?
    Minimum 15% of purchase price.
  3. What interest rates may apply?
    Typically 5 – 6% discounted for 1 year then variable approximately 6.75%.
  4. What about tenants?
    If you manage the property yourself we will assist you in the vetting procedures and AST agreements.
  5. What if I want to sell up?
    We recommend investment property purchase as a long term investment of 10 years or more in order to get maximum returns. You can sell anytime.

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